Thank you for your interest in Ballyntyne Learning Farm as a field trip destination! We aim to provide your students engaging hands-on projects, experiments, and learning that excites your students and accomplishes your educational goals. Please feel free to send an email to the Director to discuss curriculum options and to answer any other questions you may have. Please note that Ballyntyne Learning Farm is growing and we are currently offering mixed-aged classes for toddlers to third graders and field trips for students up to fifth grade. We hope to expand our offerings very soon! 


When planning your group or classroom’s visit to Ballyntyne, we encourage chaperones to help support the learners in their projects and in their needs. In this way, learners will not only have the support of the Ballyntyne Learning Farm staff and volunteers but also chaperones from their school or group to support them in their exploration as well.  

DATES: The farm will reopen for the 2020 season on March 16th and will run through the end of October

EVENTS:Events will be held on Mondays and Fridays and last 2 hours. While the majority of our events begin at 9am and end at 11am, we are happy to tweak that as needed for your group. Please feel free to send an email to us regarding the size of groups we can accommodate and which date would work best for your group. 

PRICING: The price per participating child is $8.50 and chaperones are not charged. Please don't let the cost prevent you from booking a trip to the farm - feel free to reach out and we can work together to make a morning or afternoon at the farm possible!

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Learning + Exploring
Rain or Shine

We're thrilled that you're interested in bringing your students to Ballyntyne Learning Farm for a day of exploration and fun!


1) Take a peek at the event topic options of what you'd like your students to learn about while at the farm


2) Check out the calendar of events 


2) Once you've chosen a few date options as well as a few topic options that would work for your group, please click Register Now and fill in some information about the size of your group, number of chaperones, which topics you're interested in learning about and contact information.


3) Shortly after this, you will receive an email from the Director to confirm details regarding the curriculum, and any other special requests that you would like to make!

Event Topic Options
Fire Wood

Explore nature's engineers, their teeth, coats, feet, and build your own dams from natural materials. Visit the beaver dam and signs of beaver activity around the farm.

Beavers + Dams

Avatar 101

Build bridges, towers, parachutes + egg drops, experiment with simple machines (pulleys, ramps).


Forest Trees

Investigate the different parts of a tree, seeds, leaves, roots, etc and learn about why trees are so important and go on a nature hike.


Kids with Capes

Discover a handful of animals with amazing abilities, create your own creature with superpowers, invent a story about your creature.

Animal Superpowers

Feather 6

What body coverings do different critters have and what are the advantages? Go on a nature walk searching for different examples of each covering and end with a fun craft.

Fur, Feathers, Scales


Learn about the different layers of soil, what critters call the soil their home, about caves, experiment with canyons, groundwater, and play with kiddo-created erosion trays.

Soil + Erosion

Color Prism Transparent

Learn about the color wheel, color temperature, and enjoy experimenting with frothy and fizzy baking soda and vinegar experiments! Play color spy around the farm.


Holding a Frog

Why are some plants and animals invasive? How do these critters damage habitats? How can plants defend themselves (with spines, smell, oils). Create your own super-animal inspired creation!

Invasive Species

Tropical Storm

Dive into learning about clouds, extreme weather/natural phenomena, the difference between weather and seasons. Create structures to test on an earthquake shake table. 



What do plants need to flourish? Learn about pollen, how it travels, inspect seeds. How are bees, butterflies, and ants important to our food system? Play an interactive pollinator game!

Plants + Seeds

Hot Air Balloons

What is air and why is air important for everything on Earth? How does it impact smell, lift, and sound? Learn about drag, pressure, and parachutes. *Enjoy parachute building and an egg drop experiment! 

Air Exploration

Blue Fish

Learn about fish scales, adaptations that fish have to best suit themselves for aquatic living. Learn about the lifecycles of trout and salmon. Go for a nature walk around the pond and end with a fish-inspired craft. 


Rain Cloud

Follow the journey that a raindrop takes. Play with shaving cream rain clouds, and create watershed experiments to learn about water pollution.

Water Cycle

Watercolor Butterfly 8

Learn about these wonderfully complex insects! Why are bees so important? Inspect an old hive super, experiment with compound eyes. Learn about the difference between moths, butterflies, and mason bees. Play a relay game.

Bees + Butterflies

House Sketch

Learn about different habitats, food chains, and zoom in on how a tree serves as a habitat to countless creatures, big and small!


Test Tube

What do rock, a cup of water, and a bag of air have in common? This experiment-led event is full of fun - candles, ice, wax, and more! 

States of Matter

Animal Fossil

How does something turn into a fossil? Hands-on exploration of different fossil samples. Head to the field to uncover buried Plaster of Paris fossils. Make your own salt dough bones to bring home!



Learn about what creates waves, why the ocean is salty, the power of water, different layers of the ocean and why some things float! Create your own floating creations and play with the water gutters and water tables. 

Water + Oceans


Follow the journey of a few endangered and extinct creatures. What happened to their habitats and way of life to put them on the brink of extinction? What's carrying capacity? Enjoy playing an interactive pollution game. 

Endangered Animals

Snake in Mud

What's the difference between these two groups of critters?  What does a backbone help us do? Play a fun interactive group game. End with a craft and nature walk. 



Learn about a handful of these amazing creatures. Investigate feathers, bird anatomy, migration, flight, play with different beak types. Collect nature materials to create your own nests. 

Nocturnal Animals

Illustrated Map

Learn about food chains, apex predators, and go on a hike into the forest for a mini-scavenger hunt. Create forest maps. 

Predator/Forest Hike


Dive into biomes, food webs and unique connections between seemingly independent animals. Learn about lichens, nurse logs, and other examples of symbiotic relationships on the farm.  

Symbiotic Creatures

Drawing of Owl

Investigate bats, owls, and other critters. Play with echolocation, owl viewers, and dissect owl pellets!

Nocturnal Animals

Have an idea of a topic that you'd love to have your group or class learn about? Let us know and we'd be happy to make it possible!

Create Your Own

Mystery key

What is a volcano? Why do some erupt and others don't? Learn about Mt Saint Helens and 3 main types of rocks by doing a fun crayon shaving experiment. Create your own volcanoes with a partner!


Calendar of Events

Now that you have an event topic or a few in mind, please take a peek through the calendar to see when would be a good time for your group to visit! The farm will re-open for it's 2020 season on March 16th and will run through the end of October. 

​After that, please click the Register Now! button below to sign your group up and let us know how many kiddos, chaperones, and teachers will be joining. We'll get in contact with you soon to iron out a few details. Can't wait to have you visit the farm!

Day-of Checklist

As you get your group or classroom prepared for a fun-packed day at Ballyntyne Learning Farm, please remind your campers to bring the following:

  1. An extra sweater or sunscreen depending on the weather 

  2. Comfortable shoes that can get a bit dirty

  3. Signed waiver form

    1. (To be signed by a guardian/parent)

  4. A water bottle

  5. A curious attitude and lots of energy for a fun day!

Refunds and Cancellations

Need to make changes or cancel your group's upcoming visit to the farm?

Cancellations received at least 30 days in advance of the event will gladly be refunded or rescheduled. 

Please note that you are responsible for the full cost of your group attending if a cancellation is done less that 30 days before your scheduled visit. 

All cancellations and rescheduling requests must be received via email at Kiely@ballyntynelearningfarm.org

Have A Question? Reach us Here. 

Phone: 503-708-6284

Email: kiely@ballyntynelearningfarm.org

Address: 2556 Ballyntyne Road S. Salem, OR 97302

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