Summer Day Camps at the Farm!

Ballyntyne Learning Farm is so thrilled to announce that we will be offering day summer camps at the farm! These day camps are intended for your curious kids who want to learn from the outdoors, play, be creative, and build friendships with other kiddos. 

***In accordance with the guidelines published by the Oregon Healthy Authority on May 15th, camp attendance will be limited to 10 kiddos for all camps.***

Activities: Get ready for lots of fun activities, projects and experiments this summer. See below for some of the things that kids may partake in:

 *Please note that the below lists are not a complete list and specific activities may be tweaked or adapted but the camps will certainly be filled with fun things for your kids to learn and take part in!


Throughout the day summer camp, we will focus on safety, working in teams, fostering positive and encouraging communication between the kiddos, and having a great time!  


Details: These day camps are 3 days long and are intended for children ages 5-9 years old. *Camp 4 will welcome 6-9-year-olds due to the nature of fire building*. The camps will run from 9 am to 1 pm with a mid-morning snack break as well as time for lunch. Parents are encouraged to drop their kids off for the morning with pickup starting at 12:45 pm.  

Masks: According to the Oregon Health Authority, masks are required for children in the camp setting. More information can be found here:  (Page 3)


Dates: There will be five summer camp offerings this year with each camp being unique and filled with different activities and experiments. 


Things to remember: Please dress kids in layers as mornings can be a bit cooler. Sunscreen, water, closed-toed shoes, as well as rubber boots, are encouraged. Please bring a mid-morning snack as well as a lunch for your child. *Extra snacks will be available just in case there are some extra hungry kiddos! Most importantly, arrive with the expectation of having a fun, engaging, and memorable day!  :)


June 15th - 17th

This first camp of the summer will focus on forest life. Learn about the complexities of a food web, the balance of nature, make casts of animal tracks, learn about animal adaptations, predators versus prey, play games, put on short theme-inspired skits and plays with other campers, enjoy forest map making, nature headdresses, and fort building.

Duration: 9am to 1pm

Ages 5-9 years old

Please contact to be added to the waitlist for this camp!


June 22nd - June 24th

This camp will focus on wind, weather, sun, and air. It will be packed with fun activities like kite building, parachute building, and an egg drop experiment. Learn about how trees must grow to be sturdy enough to withstand intense winds. Get creative by designing your own indestructible umbrella. Design a house that won't blow over during a simulated tornado. Learn how plants and animals rely on wind and create wind chimes.

Duration: 9am to 1pm

Ages 5-9 years old

Please contact to be added to the waitlist for this camp!

IMG_8185 (1).JPG.jpg

July 13th - July 15th

Dive in to learning about water with pollution experiments, boat building and racing, bridge building, learning about microscopic life in the pond and creek area with microscopes, create underwater viewers, learn about erosion and the cycle of matter. Get ready for a fun, hands-on camp!

Duration: 9am to 1pm

Ages 5-9 years old


July 27th - July 29th

Members of the Pacific NW Search and Rescue will be leading a fabulous morning about shelter building in the wilderness and fire building. Learn about the responsibilities of creating and handling fire, the prevention of wildfires, and how fires can be a natural part of a forest's lifecycle.  The other two days will be focused on engineering - enjoy hands-on activities about tunnel and canal building, and catapult building. Come for fun!

Duration: 9am to 1pm

Ages 6-9 years old

IMG_7689 (1).JPG.jpg

August 10th - 12th

Dive in to composting with worms and enjoy witnessing the cycle of matter. Enjoy harvesting some of the garden's treasures, prepare a garden snack, make a flower press, enjoy candle making, luminary making, creating dyes from natural ingredients, and paper-making. This camp is centered on nature creation and we are so excited for it!

Duration: 9am to 1pm

Ages 5-9 years old

IMG_8896.JPG (1).jpg

August 24th - 26th

This day camp will incorporate our favorite activities, projects, experiments from the other 5 day camps! It will be a fabulous end of summer camp that will cover a wider range of themes and learning!

Duration: 9am to 1pm

Ages 5-9 years old

Please contact to be added to the waitlist for this camp!

Pricing for a 4 Hour Summer Day Camp

Ballyntyne Learning Farm is so excited to be bringing back summer day camps for the 2020 year! 

Pricing for the camps will be $110 per camp per child. This price will cover the cost of the 3 half-day camp. 


We are so excited about these camps and are so looking forward to allowing kids to explore more aspects of the farm, engage in more experiments, problem-solving activities, games, and team-building.  Hope to see you there!

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