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Spring Camp #3: Hibernation (April 29th)

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This camp will focus on hibernation! How do animals adapt to changing seasons, especially those animals in cold environments?

How can hibernation protect animals from the elements?

Learn about how a dormouse hibernates and prepares its shelter for the cold. Why would a wood frog cool its body temperature down so much that ice crystals form in its blood?

Enjoy a day of learning, experiments, and building projects!

April 29, 2022

Duration: 8:30am to 2:30pm

Ages 6-9 years old

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Waiver Form

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Refund and Cancellation Policy

Turns out that a day camp you've registered for no longer works? 

For a day camp, we are happy to honor cancellations or reschedule requests 7 days before the start of the camp. Please note that cancellations or rescheduling requests received within the 7 day window prior to the start of the camp cannot be refunded nor credited.  Thanks for your understanding! 

Please reach out to Kiely at to provide a advance written notice.  



Refunds and Cancellations
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